Oasis Valley

Dry rainforests evolved from the ancient Gondwana rainforests but have been reduced today to tiny remnants scattered across the Kimberley, Top End, Cape York and down the east coast of Australia. The nearest natural occurring dry rainforest to Dubbo is located in the North Hunter Valley, approximately 4 hours away.
Many of the local species of plants are closely related to dry rainforest species.

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The Oasis Valley which was officially opened in April 2013 provides a living link to Australia’s biogeographical history and promotes the conservation of the threatened 'dry rainforests'. To help fund the boardwalk at the Oasis Valley Dubbo City Council received $50,000 from Destination NSW. The local community has been heavily involved in the development of this garden through planting programs. 


Significant elements within Oasis Valley include:
• A 65 metre boardwalk that follows a flowing creek
• Over 40 different dry rainforest species representing 16 families and 27 genera
• Plantings have been grouped together according to their families to make it easier for students of biology and botany to compare their characteristics




 Kauri Pine

 Agathis robusta

 Bunya Pine

 Araucaria bidwillii

 Hoop Pine

 Araucaria cunninghamii

 Wollemi Pine

 Wollemia nobilis

 River Sheoak

 Casuarina cunninghamiana

 Coach Wood

 Ceratopetalum apetalum

 Black Cypress Pine 

 Callitris endlicheri

 Gymea Lily

 Doryanthes excelsa v excelsa

 Giant Spear Lily

 Doryanthes excelsa v palmeri

 Blueberry Ash

 Elaeocarpus reticulatus

 Crows Ash

 Flindersia australis

 White Cedar

 Melia azedarach v australasica

 Wyalong Wattle

 Acacia cardiophylla

 Knife-Leaf Wattle

 Acacia cultriformis

 Pretty Wattle 

 Acacia decora

 Moreton Bay Fig

 Ficus macrophylla

 Small Fruited Fig

 Ficus microcarpa

 Small-Leaved Fig

  Ficus obliqua

 Creek Lilly Pilly

 Acmena smithii

 Lemon Ironwood

 Backhousia citriodora

 Tallow Wood

 Eucalyptus microcorys

 Brush Box

 Lophostemon confertus

 Snow In Summer 

 Melaleuca linariifolia

 Prickly Paperbark

 Melaleuca styphelioides


 Syncarpia glomulifera

 Creek Cherry

 Syzygium australe

 Lilly Pilly

 Syzygium paniculatum

 Water Gum 

 Tristaniopsis laurina

 Weeping Lilly-Pilly

 Waterhousia floribunda

 Native Frangipani

 Hymenosporum flavum

 Native Daphne

 Pittosporum undulatum

 Plum Pine; Brown Pine

 Podocarpus elatus

 Soap Tree; Red Ash

 Alphitonia excelsa

 Flame Tree

 Brachychiton acerifolius

 Western Kurrajong

 Brachychiton australis

 Rusty Kurrajong

 Brachychiton bidwillii

 Queensland Lace Bark

  Brachychiton discolor


 Brachychiton diversifolius

 Queensland Bottle Tree

 Brachychiton rupestris

 Grass Tree

 Xanthorrhoea australis

 Grass Tree

 Xanthorrhoea glauca