Biodiversity Garden

The Biodiversity Garden has been designed to display local plants in settings that replicate their natural habitats. Visitors have the opportunity to examine the fascinating adaptations that local plants have evolved to survive in our sometimes harsh climate. 

Attracted by the food, refuge and habitat provided by the native plants, the local native birds flock to this garden making it one of the best places for bird watching.

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The Biodiversity Garden was opened in 2006 and was designed to be a living model of the major vegetation communities that thrived in this region before European settlement. The trails take visitors through grassy white box woodlands, past wetlands and climbs up a rocky, volcanic slope via a boardwalk. The boardwalk climb is not accessible by wheelchairs.


• A cross section of the regions vegetation communities with interpretative signage that include:
    o Grassy Box Woodland – an Endangered Ecological Community
    o A billabong and wetlands with reed and sedge beds
    o Stands of sheoaks, redgums green mallee, ironbark and red stringy bark
• A boardwalk up to the top of the hill. Please note that he boardwalk is not wheelchair accessible.
• Over 48 species of local plants.



                   BOTANIC NAME

Knife-leaf Wattle

 Acacia cultriformis

Deane’s Wattle

 Acacia deanei

Western Silver Wattle

 Acacia decora

Streaked Wattle

  Acacia lineata

Weeping Myall  

 Acacia pendula 

Mudgee Wattle  

 Acacia spectabilis

Awl-leaved Wattle

   Acacia subulata 

Spur-wing wattle

 Acacia triptera 

Varnish Wattle

  Acacia verniciflua


 Allocasuarina diminuta

Slender Bamboo Grass  

 Austrostipa verticillata

Red-leg Grass

 Bothriochloa macra


 Brachychiton populneus

White Cypress Pine

 Callitris glaucophylla

Black Cypress Pine

   Callitris endlicheri

Yellow Buttons

 Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Tall Sedge

 Carex appressa

River She-ak

 Casuarina cunninghamiana

Umbrella Sedge

 Cyperus exaltatus

Blue-anther Flax-lily

 Dianella revoluta

Hop Bush

 Dodonaea cuneata

Common Spikerush

 Eleocharis acuta

Common Wheat Grass  

 Elymus scaber

Green Mallee

 Eucalyptus viridis 


 Eucalyptus sideroxylon 

Wite Box

 Eucalyptus albens

Blakelys Red Gum

 Eucalyptus blakelyi

False Sarsaparilla

 Hardenbergia violacea

Common Rush

 Juncus usitatus

Violet Kunzea

  Kunzea parvifolia 


  Leptospermum polygalifolium

Wattle Mat-rush

 Lomandra filiformis

Slender Mat-rush

 Lomandra hystrix

Spiny-headed Mat-rush

 Lomandra longifolia

Thyme-leaf Honey Myrtle

 Melaleuca thymifolia 

Prickly Paperbark

 Melaleuca styphelioides

Winter Apple, Amulla

 Eremophila (Myoporum) debile

Grey Tussock Grass

 Poa seiberiana 

Silver Cassia

 Senna artemisioides

Nodding Blue Lilly

 Stypandra glauca

Kangaroo Grass  

 Themeda australis 

Bronze-backed Bluebell

  Wahlenbergia luteola 

Forest Grass Tree  

 Xanthorrhoea johnsonii 

Sticky Everlasting

 Xerochrysum viscosum